SKU: WB-015

  • √ PERFECT PARTY DECORATIONS: These balloon animals look like the real walking animals which will make your party come alive and unique. Decorate your place with these fun loving animal balloons that brings out a big smile from kids or adults!
  • √ GREAT GIFT CHOICE: Each walking animal balloon is brought to life by inflating it with helium. Once inflated, it immediately becomes ready for adventures. It will be great for your animal theme birthday party decorations!
  • √ HIGH QUALITY BALLOONS: Walking balloons are made with high-quality materials, welded seams and special inflation valves designed for long-lasting fun, easy to inflate by a straw or pump, great for kids birthday party decorations, puppy dog party supplies,baby shower, or any party event!
  • √ Animal is precisely weighted to stand on its own feet.
  • √ These balloons come with a simple attachable ribbon and when you pull them by their ribbon, they walk along behind you.

  •  These balloons will not fly away when inflated, even though your kid leaves them somewhere. 


  •  These balloons come not inflated. Helium or hydrogen is needed to inflate it.
  • √ Material of walking balloon is non-allergenic.

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